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I have observed that, in general, we, as human beings, all possess the same innate desire to connect and be happy.  The question is, what makes someone motivated to do the work that is required to reach higher levels of personal happiness, thrive at work, have greater relationships, and to be healthier and perhaps even wealthier than others?


After studying communication, psychology and coaching, I have mastered, created and refined tools to guide people to reach their highest potentials, if they are motivated to make positive change in their life.  While it takes tenacity, the rewards are well worth the effort!


That is what we are doing for individuals and companies everyday at the Portland Happiness Center.


Rodrigo Baena


Living Life to the fullest!


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USA +1 503.789.1291

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What makes certain people happier than others?

A word from our founder:


"I have been  traveling the world, researching this question for the past 15 years.                              


I have traveled extensively, exploring different cultures and the many unique ways we human beings communicate with, and relate to one another. I was born in Brazil, now currently reside in Portland, Oregon USA and have lived in the United Kingdom, Italy, and India.


The PORTLAND HAPPINESS CENTER was founded in 2014.


People connect to the Center through many ways: by participating in our courses, classes and inspiring events, working with our Happiness & Life Coaches, Health and Healers, volunteering in our projects and bringing our talks and workshops to schools and communities.


We also work with organizations and companies by providing training, executive coaching, consultations and keynote speaking.


Individuals and employers are finally understanding the importance of investing in happiness.




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"All in one" Dunya C.


With so much happening at the Center, we needed someone to support us in many ways. That's where Dunya came in.


With a Master degree in Speech Pathology and a gift for editing our texts, she still has energy to help on the events we hold, and is getting ready to teach Yoga for Kids in the near future.


When not supporting the PHC, or helping kids at the school where she also works, Dunya can be found dancing salsa and singing around Portland.

Sean "Master-Coach" Harry


"If you wanna go faster, go alone. If you wanna go further, go with someone".


As we love to keep learning, growing and always wanting to go further, we wanted to work with a business coach who would understand our mission. Sean was referred to us from a friend and has helped the Center to reach higher levels.


He is the Business Advisor for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), in Portland, and now our dear friend.


Ariel "Partner-in-Crime" Gopp


When the Portland Happiness Center was still an idea, Ariel was the person who pushed it further, not just believing in the crazy ideas our founder Rodrigo Baena had, but also creating some extras ideas, so we could enjoy the Center as it is today.


Ariel also co-wrote with Rodrigo the first book published by the Center - "Sex, Happiness and Other stories", after a year of research about happiness and relationships.


She is still part of the board of advisers at the PHC, and runs her own property management company - Casa Linda LLC.