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"Rodrigo Baena brought a fresh perspective and positive energy when he came to our city to facilitate a wellness workshop and activity. His workshop was a creative and engaging experience that highlighted easy to apply concepts, which were grounded in positive psychology.


Employees followed up with positive comments and notes of appreciation for the workshop and Rodrigo’s imaginative approach!"


Sandy Witz - Employee Development, City of Anaheim, CA


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USA +1 503.789.1291

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Assess your


How happy is your work place?



What if you knew you could reach more people, sell more, have more productive employees and help your community to be thrive?


The Organizational Assessment is a tool that collects information and analyzes the communication, relationship and overall satisfaction levels in an organization.


What you get:

• The assessment graphic and data. Use the numbers and the visual path to keep track, improve and create new goals

• A neutral, professional assessor. No survey influences from the management team

• Tools to improve productivity, internal communication and overall satisfaction.

• Analysis of the organization’s goals

• Analysis of the organization’s structure


How long does it take?

It depends of the size of the organization. Tipically for a department of up to 15 people it takes about a week to complete the assessment.


Why is that important?

We don't know what we don't know.

Simply saying that we cannot see every challenge and its solution from one perspective. We come in with a fresch and neutral perspective, ask questions, analize the data, and give the results and tools to the decision makers of the organizations.


What is next?

Schedule your Assessment  here





and Owners







The Thriving Circle


The Thriving Circle is what we created and use to explain the importance of investing and researching in all aspects of your organization.


A thriving organization is vital in supporting the community around it to thrive too.