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Portland Happiness Center

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Get Involved!

We are trully happy and grow as a society when

every individual in it is looked after, cared for

and we mutually support each other.

We not just believe in our cause, WE ARE our couse.

If you feel connected to what we do, participate.


Ways to get involved:


By becoming a member

you get invitations to

events, discounts on

classes, workshops, and

access to meetings for a

Happier World


+ One Life or Executive Coaching session

+ Membership Sticker


Most of all, you help our

city to be a happier place

to live in, through our programs in schools, hospitals and for underprivileged communities



Annual Indidivual Membership $49

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Become a Member


Nothing can bring you more joy than the feeling of

helping others


Join us to spread happiness through our projects

and events


Fill out the volunteer application and we will get in

touch with you



* Required

Please consider making a donation to the Portland Happiness Center

Projects and Events


We believe our city can be

the first to achieve the

highest levels of happiness

and wellbeing in the country, wich can replicated

throughout the nation


With your help we

can do it faster


You can donate by using the

link below


Any and all donations are happily welcome and appreciated!


Bring us to your Organization


If you think you organization would benefit from some happiness, talk to us!


The benefits of investing in happiness in the work environment are priceless,

but you like tangible reasons:


- Increase of productivity

- Less turn over

- Less sick days

- Increase of engagement and trust

- And the best, excited employees loving what they do



We offer Keynote Speakers, Workshops, Executive and Group Coaching, and Assessments.





Contact us

Annual Family

Membership $99

Annual Business

Membership $99

Annual Non-profit

Membership $49


How your contribution helps the community:


Your membership fee or donation is used to provide free courses, one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops to schools and disadvantaged people/communities, as well as support the volunteer projects.


A happier society is a balanced one, where we all grow together.

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