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The well-being assessment will give you that and more: you will learn how to decrease imbalances and acquire tools to maintain and improve all aspects in your life.


About the Assessment:

- It can be done personally at our office, in

 NE Portland, or via Skype

- It takes 1.5 hours

- You will receive a visual map of your assessment


Cost $125.00



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USA +1 503.789.1291

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What if you could assess every aspect of your life?



What if you could understand the triggers that bring you down and know exactly what to do to bring yourself back up?


What if you had a clear image of the balance - or lack of it - in your everyday life?


Your Life

"Rodrigo has shown me how to look at happiness in a way that has taken the control of it out of others' hands and back into mine.  His optimistic, eager and intuitive approach to empowerment is so effective!  I've experienced less conflict in my personal relationships and I am finding more happiness!  It does require effort to change habits, but Rodrigo's experience and skill at breaking them down into smaller, more accessible pieces does make it easier.  

I am very happy and grateful to be part of Rodrigo's mission to make Portlanders happier!"


Debbie S.

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