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Portland Happiness Center

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USA +1 503.789.1291

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Life can be tough, really tough. But we don't have

to go through it alone.

The idea: "I supposed to things by myself" couldn't be more wrong.

Below are some of the trainings we provide. We also work together with your organization to implement trainings targeting communication, team-building and motivation.



Mindfulness & Happiness at Work

Learn how to reduce stress levels, increase productivity, think more creatively, improve communication skills, and reach levels never before imagined!




Diversity for Good

How to learn and benefit from a diverse group in your organization.

With different ways of thinking, you will find easier and fast ways to solve your company's challenges




Breakfast with a Brazilian

An Employee Wellness Workshop with a “Brasileiro” Flair!

What can we learn in a breakfast? How to work together, improve team-building, communication skills and be more productive, all while having fun.




5 Secrets to Happiness: from a Brazilian perspective

Join the Brazilian Happiness Coach and Founder of the Portland Happiness Center, Rodrigo Baena, as he shares ideas to help you reach your highest personal potential.




Be Millennial! 

Millennial is more than a generation, it's a way of being. How you can increase your productivity with a millennial mind.





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