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"People generally make positive changes in their lives by them deciding to change, not being told to change, and Rodrigo has a talent for helping people decide to follow a path to peace and contentment.

He guides them without them realizing what he is doing.

A more positive, personable and joyful person would be hard to find."


Pauline Serrano - Teacher and entrepreneur




"Rodrigo has truly found his life path.  This is evident in his enthusiasm to help me find mine.  

His approach is gentle and buoyant while still embracing the harder moments, harnessing them into useful tools to propel me into action. Everytime we meet, he is there greeting me with the warmest, most honest smile which immediately puts me at ease and ready to uncover anything within my path,

even those things I have been avoiding.

Rodrigo's gifts as a life coach are numerous. His companionship is steadfast and helps me find the strength within to move forward.  He celebrates life in all its facets and helps me uncover ways to do the same in my work as a professional and in life in general.  He has a knack for knowing what to say, when to challenge me while empowering me in every decision I make.  Rodrigo's guidance and support has been

integral in my professional and personal development. "


Jamie Minkus - Dancer and Pilates Master

What people are saying

"Partnering with Rodrigo and the Portland Happiness Center has skyrocketed our company to the next level. I have seen a large increase in our internal communication, and overall office well-being because of his ability to ask the right questions and help develop more leaders in each department."


David Brackett - President, Linguava Interpreters


Rodrigo Baena brought a fresh perspective and positive energy when he came to our city to facilitate a wellness workshop and activity. His workshop was a creative and engaging experience that highlighted easy to apply concepts, which were grounded in positive psychology.


Employees followed up with positive comments and notes of appreciation for the workshop and Rodrigo’s imaginative approach!  


Sandy Witz - Employee Development, City of Anaheim, CA

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USA +1 503.789.1291

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Rodrigo has shown me how to look at happiness in a way that has taken the control of it out of others' hands and back into mine.  His optimistic, eager and intuitive approach to empowerment is so effective!  I've experienced less conflict in my personal relationships and I am finding more happiness!  It does require effort to change habits, but Rodrigo's experience and skill at breaking them down into smaller, more accessible pieces does make it easier.  I am very happy and grateful to be part of

Rodrigo's mission to make Portlanders happier!


Debbie S.




Rodrigo was extremely effective at helping improve my communication style in my home with my wife and two teenage daughters. I wanted to consult a person who came from a culture outside the USA where group harmony was valued over individual harmony.


As cultural anthropologists continue to make inroads into the corporate workplace to help smooth out interpersonal "bumps in the road", folks like Rodrigo bring tremendous value to an individual trying to get through dinner with his family all the way to a high stakes

corporate setting surrounded by four walls.


Mike H.




Rodrigo consistently pushes me to be a better person-- a better partner, a better daughter, a better employee, a better human really. He is natural at helping you to identify unhelpful thinking patterns, and pushing you to get in touch with what you really want. From this place, I have found more organic energy to pursue my dreams, and start my own business. For years I have sat on my ideas, and it wasn't until I worked with him that I had the courage to begin.


I am so grateful for the laughter, joy, confidence and courage I have found through working with Rodrigo. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!


Kelly A.